About Briar Moon:

Our studio offers innovative design and illustration as well as prints and collectibles. Clients are worked with on a one on one basis from start of a project to the finish. Our goal is to bring fresh, out of the box creations to our clients. Digital design and illustration slanted towards the fantasy genre’s is the specialty of the studio. Yet we are not limited to fantasy work and will gladly work with you on a none fantasy related project.
The studio is manned by Gina Marie’s family crew, and by the artist herself. Most items are studio made and created with care and positive energy. Items made outside the studio are chosen for their superior quality and workmanship.
Whether you are looking for a portrait to give as a personal gift, or are a lay out director looking for new and exciting digital elements to use in your online or print publication Briar Moon can produce the design and or illustration that you need. We have online stock that you can purchase for a reasonable licensing fee, and we offer traditional and digital illustration services to suit many diverse needs.
Attention to detail is one of our hallmarks, along with prompt completion of the order as specified by the contractual agreement. No job is to large or small and all clients receive our strong commitment to quality and originality.

About Gina Marie:

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Gina Marie

Gina Marie

Gina Marie believes that reality is a figment of our imagination, and she considers all art forms an intricate part of the life force of creation. One of today’ rising stars of the fantasy art world Gina Marie works out of her home studio in an extremely rural area near lovely Star City, Indiana. Her art resides in collections world wide, and her popularity is increasing among today’s serious fantasy collectors. Her work in watercolors, sculpture, and digital media is brave, forward, and bold. Bright and vivid hues infuse her paintings of colorful other worlds, filled with beings of mystery and magic. Her fantasy art was featured on the program Open Studio produced by WNIT television, and she has been published in numerous magazine and online publications.
Today Gina Marie works mainly in mixed digital mediums. Painter, Photoshop , various 3D programs and a Wacom tablet are her tools of trade. In the past she has worked in traditional oils, watercolor, and polymer sculpture.

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