Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.
William James

Well into the new year and here is the first blog post.
Got over the walking death, and the computer crash from
the last months of 2015 and ready to move forward finally
again. Not at my usual speed with the discovery of late
stage three kidney disease, I’m not up to my usual pace.
Yet I refuse to quit, give in, and give up. Just another
issue that needs to be worked through until I can heal
or find better ways to cope with the pain this has been
causing me.

So I’m back in the studio, ready to work, and putting into motion
plans made in the last holiday season. Looking forward to
spring, gardening, and spending time with my beautiful
grand children. Hopefully will even see a couple of shows, and
go to the children’s museum with the grand children.

My first two pieces of 2016 “Pure Magic” and “Mystical” can be viewed in the
Enchanted Equines galleries and features a magical unicorn
mother and child.
I’m quite please with the end result of both pieces and hope everyone enjoys
them also!




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