The magic of childhood
never left me,
and the wildness of
youth can still be.
They couldn’t take it away,
for inside me it was
meant to stay.
The stars are still
brilliant, bright,
deep inside where
the fire of magic ignites.
Whirlwinds still abide,
comets still race,
and deep within resides
star dust from space.
Animals still talk,
destiny sits in my hand
and where the wild things
roam still I stand.
For me a happily ever
after is still the creed
free from the grown up’s
fear and terrible greed.



It is the season to think about holiday shopping. The studio has several unique items featuring my art. We have a Zazzle store, and a Red Bubble store. Each is stocked with a myriad of different collectibles, from fleece blankets, cotton blankets, binders, posters, hard bound journals, and even leggings. If you are looking for that unique gift with a fantasy, fairy, unicorn, or sci-fi theme be sure to give them at look.

Briar Moon Zazzle Store
Briar Moon Red Bubble Store

Will also be adding a shopping cart here at the web site to sale many very gently used items that are just taking up needed space. Lots of cool clothing, shoes, jewelry, books, and some other unique items will be filling that section of the store. New items, such as jewelry, handmade crafts, hand embellished prints, etc. will be added to the store in the new year.

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