“Know that the darkest night is often
the bridge to the brightest tomorrow.”
Jonathan Lockwood Huie



The past few weeks have been dark ones for my household. Things have just gotten out wack, in several areas, and it has brought on extra stress. This slows me down due to my medical issues. At times it is frustrating to say the least. I want to be doing, not stuck having to pace myself, and having to rest so much. Add to it the same old crap that seems to permeate this area at least several times a year, and my heart breaks just to think about it.

It is also not pleasant when you find yourself in a position of being stuck on the side lines of major issues that you can’t sway one way or the other. You feel out of control of the things around you, and being sick on top of that can send stress levels through the roof.

I’m sure that everyone, no matter their health issues has gotten to this point at sometime or another. It is just plain burn out. Your body and mind have reached a point where it is going to force you to slow down, even if the darkness is still hovering in sight. Sometimes we believe we will never see the way out when dark times hit, but eventually the light will shine once again. Looking even brighter for the trip you took through the darkness.

So to get through my present period of darkness I have been working on new art, enjoying being out side in the gardens, playing with the grandchildren when I get a chance, and hanging on to hope that things will start to trend towards the brightness soon. Keeping your mind busy is the best thing, even if you have to pace yourself and take more breaks.
Sometimes you will find yourself waiting on the side lines because those involved are unable to achieve any type of resolution. They just keep standing at the crossroads making no move towards one road or the other. It is at these times that you might have to walk away choosing your own path, because sitting on the side lines watching is wasting your time. Time that could be spent living instead of waiting. Time spent in the glory of breathing, being, and basking in life’s beauty. That type of quality time is never wasted!


“I find hope in the darkest of days,
and focus in the brightest.
I do not judge the universe.”
Tenzin Gyatso – The 14th Dalai Lama

Wonderland Tea

New Art: Wonderland Tea

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